Uses for Front Open Box Style

Gopher Sport Front Open Box

What impressions do different box styles give off? From a front open box to gate fold box, there are different stories that these boxes tell.

Some box styles lend themselves well to certain products. The cigar box is the most universal example of this. It’s literally named after the product it holds. But it is also an iconic design from a usability perspective. And it just goes to show how form and function can be more important any flash or bedazzlement we could put on a box.

Front Open Box Impressions

Specifically, we’re going to talk about the appeal of front open boxes. These types of boxes are incredibly versatile for a variety of industries. Any kind of packaging that requires books, manuals, bottles, quite literally any materials.

  • Medical devices
  • Education
  • Human Resources documents

In addition to the variety of industries listed above (of which we’ve barely scratched the surface), the uses for a front open box are just as varied. Sample kits are a great use of the front open style. It creates almost a literal stage for the products held inside. Presentation packaging at its finest–and most literal.

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