Unique Packaging at Sunrise

Gopher Sport Front Open Box and unique packaging

Unique packaging means something different to everyone. To someone who doesn’t spend much time thinking about packaging (ahem, not us), their first impressions of what’s unique are usually centered around printed elements. Colors and patterns, for example. But in our experience, you can find the real “wow” factors in the functionality.

And when we say functionality, we mean how the package goes beyond the expected range of use.

What Elements Create Unique Packaging?

There isn’t a particular set of rules or guidelines that, when checked off your list, will result in a user exclaiming–

WOW! This box is unique!

Excited user

–but there are some easy ways in which you can delight and surprise a user. Think about incorporating elements related to:

  • Touch: what does the box feel like? Is it soft or does it have ridges?
  • Closure: how does the box close? Magnets are popular, but handles can add a usability component.
  • Content: what does the box say (literally)? Making use of the space on the box with a little humor or clever placement can add to the overall impression of the package.

But Is It TOO Unique?

There is a saturation point when it comes to utilizing unique elements in packaging design. If a customer wanted to integrate all the options for unique packaging (noting that the above is far from an exhaustive list), Sunrise has the capability for it. But we do have the ability to push back and present alternate use cases, and generally leverage our knowledge to create the best package possible.

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