Top Shelf Boxes

Keeper's Heart Whiskey Tasting Kit and top shelf boxes

The term “top shelf” implies a few different things. But the first thing that comes to people’s minds is probably quality. And that is the guiding principle behind the top shelf boxes we create for our wine and spirits customers.

From a practical standpoint, top shelf packaging needs to be sturdy and durable. It protects bottles through shipping and handling to shelving. It also as to do the work to attract customers, of course, and meet the branding and marketing standards of the maker. 99 Designs has some great examples of creative packaging. But we’ve learning something in our decades in the box business. And that’s that, sometimes, the pretty packaging doesn’t hold up well.

Designing for Top Shelf Boxes

In addition to being well-designed from a visual standpoint, top shelf boxes need to be well-made, too.

Like we said before, the integrity of the product needs to be the top priority of any winery, distillery, or brewery. But we want to make it clear that it doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of a creative approach.

Customers also have the option to utilize any combination of the finishing options we offer as well. In the example to the side, we used a dual-foil stamp design with black print (on a matte background for that extra pop). Premium design doesn’t have to come at a premium price. And that’s especially true at Sunrise Packaging.

Your Premium Partner in Packaging

We’re a fan of staying in our own lane (or vat, or barrel, or whatever metaphor works for you). You’re the expert in your field, and we’ll always leave it to you to make the final decisions. And we’re the experts in packaging, and can guide you toward the right choices in your packaging process.

When you’re ready to dive in, contact our team!