The Whole (Brand) Package

brand package

First impressions matter. If someone looks up your company online, broken links feel unprofessional. If someone visits your space in person and the bathrooms are missing supplies, it feels unkempt. The same goes for your products. If someone buys one of your products, and the packaging feels shoddy or is missing your organizational brand hallmarks… What message are you sending? Integrating your brand package into your literal packaging strategy should be an important part of your customer experience.

Elements of Your Brand Package

Customer experience is a somewhat newer term for an old concept. It’s exactly what it sounds like: what is the experience of your customers when interacting with your products? What is it like for someone to order or purchase a product, to open it up and use it for the first time?

Customer experience should be considered an extension of your brand package. How can you ensure someone has a great experience with your packaging?

A great, low cost method is to simply observe someone who is interacting with your product for the first time. Ask them to think out loud as they inspect it, open it, and use it. Pay attention to whether or not they understand what it is, and what it does. Do they have the documentation they need to use it – and if not, do they know where to get it. Is anything difficult to open, or read, or otherwise hamper the overall experience of using your product?

Solve Problems Before They Stop Customers

Sunrise has decades of experience creating packaging. We can steer you clear of any bad associations or issues that we’ve seen come up in the past. We can tell you why certain color combinations just don’t work in print, and why you should opt for thermoformed plastic inserts instead of foam. When you have questions, we’re here.