The Magnetic Promo Kit: VIP of Promotions

Keeper's Heart Whiskey Tasting Kit magnetic promo kit

Promotional kits come in many different flavors. Usually, they take the form of either a value-added package (VAP) or gift-with-purchase (GWP). The GWP route is very common around the holidays. Many perfume and cologne manufacturers will add in a special gift, like additional products or something completely different, like a candle or bracelet. The VAP is also a familiar sight around the holidays, particularly to elevate items that make great gifts. The magnetic promo kit is just one more way to take either of these packaging styles to the next level.

Magnetic Promo Kit On the Rocks

If you’re looking for a versatile style of box that can perform in more ways than one, we encourage you to consider the magnetic promo kit.

Magnetic closure is ideal for several reasons, particularly for liquor products. It’s a secure closure that doesn’t sacrifice ease of opening. It’s also something that doesn’t add much bulk or change the size of a product much, making shipping costs consistent. And, we’re a little biased, but we just really love the satisfying experience inherent in using magnets on boxes.

In the example to the side, you can see a recent project we worked on with Dalmore Whisky. This box is designed to hold glasses, making it a great gift with purchase (GWP) example. The magnetic box holds the box securely shut with limited potential for disaster. It’s confidence and class, all in one package.

Elevated Tastes

From high end liquor to luxury items and beyond, magnetic promo kits are a great starting point for any in-store specials your organization is planning. And Sunrise is the perfect partner to help you out. When you’re ready to talk to our team, start with our Contact form!