Strange Collaborations in Wine Packaging

wine packaging for Martha Stewart

When it comes to wine pairing (and maybe wine packaging), the generally accepted rule is that “like increases like.” So let’s say you’re eating a sweet, sugary dessert. The last thing you want to pair with that is a Riesling or other wine on the sweet end of the spectrum as it’ll become way too saccharine to enjoy. This principle of opposites attract-and enhance each other-is true in other places. Like the making of 19 Crimes wine, a joint venture between Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

The friendship between this seemingly incompatible pair goes way back. Martha invited Snoop onto her show in 2008 where they connected over a bowl of mashed potatoes. They kept in touch over the years, and solidified their friendship at a Comedy Central Roast for Justin Bieber. Since then, they’ve created content, meals, and now, wine.

Wine Packaging for 19 Crimes

Per the website:

19 Crimes tells the true story of heroes who beat the odds and overcame adversity to become folk heroes. This spirit lives on today through innovators like Martha Stewart, a self-made icon who built a domestic empire. Martha’s drive embodies the timeless values of the 19 Crimes mavericks who came before her.

Martha’s Chard

In this spirit, Sunrise was delighted to have the chance to create the custom magnetic box that would hold her wine as well as “Action Martha.”

These limited-edition boxes consist of two types of custom packaging: a magnetic box to hold Martha, and a setup box with a window (reminiscent of a Barbie-style box). We used flocked foam for the tiny Martha accouterments and utilized another opposite factor to set off the brand. Dark background, gold, with gloss lamination level up this Martha action figure into a bad-a$$ winemaker.

Uncommon Pairings

As unconventional as Martha and Snoop may seem, this twosome has created some big-time collaborations. We’re fans of this wine and their approach. If you’re interested in high end wine and spirits packaging like this, hit us up!