Sports Marketing: Lessons from College Bowl Season

Bally Sports North Cozy Kit as sports marketing

Sports marketing might seem like a bit of a niche industry. While sports at all levels generate billions in sales every year, the actual number of people working in the industry is somewhat disproportionate. But, as we learned when we collaborated to create custom packaging for the Sun Belt Conference, there are some universal tenets at the heart of sports marketing that all product promoters could learn from.

Sports Marketing: Not Just Niche

Like all fields of marketing, sports marketing is subject to trends and campaigns will need fine-tuning. But, by using some of these specific tips for marketing, your next activation or promo could see a positive uptick in your success metrics:

  1. Audience segmentation
    Knowing your audience is marketing 101. But sports marketing takes a little different approach. Do you need to consider factors related to age, location, interests? What about their income or their age? These are elements that also affect any physical packaging you create.
  2. Crafting and timing content appropriately
    The 24 hour news cycle is more than just a ticker on CNN. Understanding what will make an impact on your audience is important – and making sure it reaches them in a timely matter is maybe even more important.
  3. Leveraging mobile access
    Over half of sports fans use a mobile device while watching sports on a separate device. Is your physical packaging equipped with a QR code to direct their attention? Or a URL, like an example to the side we created with Levy Recognition?

See What Your Audience Needs – And Provide It

Marketing sports is a challenging field, but one that attracts people who are passionate about it. At Sunrise Packaging, we love to see these kinds of projects come across our radar. It’s a way to not only keep ourselves current, but a way to flex our creativity as well.

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