Simple + Elegant: Magnetic Boxes

WeatherWeld Gate Fold Sample Kit and magnetic boxes

As you think about packaging needs for the new year and beyond, let us make a simple suggestion: magnetic boxes fit every purpose.

Whether you’re looking for a standard box for your retail products, a custom luxury package for gifting or awards, or even just something to brand and use in-house at your organization: a MagBox is the way to go, and we have plenty of reasons why.

Why Magnetic Boxes are One of Our Top Sellers

Let’s do a little role-playing for some of the departments, industries, and general uses that come our way:

  • Magnetic packaging for luxury products
    Magnetic boxes provide a great seal for expensive products as it helps ensure that they are firmly closed. It also lends an air of extravagance to high-end purchases.
  • Human resource documents
    We’ve all born witness to Human Resource documentation filling binders on binders, but the issue always comes up – what to do when those binders fail? A hard magnetic closure box can keep documents in order without relying on metal rings and holes in pages.
  • Employee appreciation gifts
    Continuing our role-playing game: if you were to receive a thank-you from your organization, is it more impactful if it comes in a) a white manila envelope, or b) a box that pops up with magnetic closure? We rest our case.

The box to the side was a project collaboration with Imprint Engine. We love the silver-on-black for this award gift box. And we also can imagine the delight of the recipients upon receiving this awesome piece of packaging. The award is probably pretty cool, too.

Make 2023 the Year of the Magnet

We’re calling it now: 2023 will be the year of the magnet. Magnetic boxes and packaging will be all the rage.

Talk to our team to jump on the trend!