Signature Packaging at Sunrise

Hancock Dental Custom Mag Box signature packaging

Designing signature packaging is a passion for us at Sunrise Packaging. Helping organizations – whether it’s a start-up of one or a company of thousands – come up with a look, feel and features that will hep establish their brand is an important project. With years of experience as well as a range of industry examples, Sunrise can handle just about anything.

Creating signature packaging rests on a few principles. We use these principles in many of our projects, and they hold up well in creating thoughtful, custom packaging for our clients.

Signature Packaging for All

These principles are common across companies that make creative boxes and packaging solutions. But we like to think we add a little extra sparkle to this recipe.

Ease of use

This principle is pretty straightforward. Does this packaging style meet the needs of the audience it intends to serve in a way that is intuitive and integrated? There are a few ways to think about this. For example, imagine a box for a medical device to be opened by people in their 70s. It’s probably not going to take a large amount of hand strength to open it, and it’s probably going to be as light as possible. But these factors need to be compared against the needs of the product itself. Which leads us to the next principle.

Product protection and security

Continuing the example of a medical device, there are certainly features of protection that need to be in place to protect the device. This is true of many packaged items, from food to medical devices to toys to products in sample kits. There may also be some security considerations as well. Especially if this is a retail item sitting on shelves.


Retail items aren’t the only boxes that need to adhere to the branding principle. Packaging is an extension of an organization itself. It’s usually a highly-impressionable aspect of the customer experience. It needs to have a tight relationship echoing the brand of the company it represents.


The delight factor is hard to quantify. But it’s basically the summation of all of the aforementioned principles. Every package is kind of like a present, isn’t it? Opening something new, even if it’s the most exciting thing, should inspire some element of delight. And whether we can accomplish that through design, magnetic closure, embossing, or some other feature, we love to see it.

What Turns Your Packaging into Signature Packaging?

Trust Sunrise Packaging to turn your boxes into your signature packaging. Reach out to our team today!