Showcase Your Products in a Sample Kit

Viega Sample Kit and pitch kits

A good sales play can have many different elements, but one element needs to work across all approaches. And that is a sample kit that backs up all the claims.

Good sample kits can be used to attract not only new customers but also retain old customers by showcasing new products in which they might have an interest. They can also work in more subtle ways. Displaying the company’s brand favorably can attract new talent, or bring on new investors.

There are a few different ways to think about building your kit. Here are a few guidelines that Sunrise has learned from our decades in the packaging industry.

Get Noticed Through Your Sample Kit

Sample kits should make the lives of your sales team easier. Take stock of your existing product, and ask yourself if it answers these questions:

Does it save time?
Think of your sample kit as something that can do some of your selling. Does it have the necessary content, examples, etc. that can save your team time in communication?

Does it showcase what you do?
The idea behind a sample kit is that you don’t need a unique one for every product – it should be varied enough to show breadth and depth in a natural way.

Does it work for different scenarios?
As stated above, you shouldn’t need 12 sample kits for 12 products. A single sample kit should be malleable enough to appeal to a broad audience.

Bringing Your Best Assets

Canny Creative has a few more suggestions on how to build a great sample kit. But at the end of the day, your sample kits will be a hit if they provide the right amount of support to your team. Just like we lean on our team at Sunrise, talk to your sales folks about what they need to sell.

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