Setup Box for Marijuana Products

Ignite Promotional Cannabis setup boxes Kit

Recreational marjiuana is legal in Minnesota. As the government begins to navigate what this looks like in practice, there are a few other states that they can look to for guidance. In the meantime, you can check out the variety of projects we’ve completed with various partners over the years for inspiration. Especially our setup box.

One of the styles of boxes that lends itself well to marijuana products is the setup box. A set-up box is a two-piece box – the tray and the lid – with a wide variety of styles to consider. It’s a style employed for tech devices, like tablets and smartphones. It’s elegant, stylish and sturdy. Almost any of our finishing options can be used with the set up box as well.

Setting Up for Marijuana Products in a Setup Box

Just a few years ago, we noted how the CBD market passed the billion-dollar mark four times over. With more and more states legalizing marijuana products, the market for hemp-related products will grow astronomically. And with that, the packaging market grows, too.

Understanding how to best market your products means understanding what the best packaging solution might be. Set-up boxes are one of our most popular options for products that want to embody elegance and modernity. This style of box also allows for a high degree of protection, particularly if you’re looking to add foam trays or thermoformed plastic to hold products securely.

Marketing Marijuana Products

As times change, so do perceptions. The legalization of recreational cannabis in more and more areas will lead to a higher awareness of the benefits of the product. But your marketing should also help that perspective unfold. Using a setup box gives you the ability to generate a higher-end perspective for your product–and a higher bottom line.

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