Recreational Cannabis Packaging

Haute Smokes Cannabis Packaging and business launch kits

As of August 4, 2023, recreational cannabis is legal in the state of Minnesota. With that, comes our specific perspective of interest: cannabis packaging.

We’ve worked with THC products in the past, as well as CBD products and other adjacent projects. And business are currently waiting for the government in Minnesota to design a licensing system for dispensaries (although tribal lands are allowed to open and run their own dispensaries). While we wait for the storefronts, companies can get started on other aspects of their product. Like their branding and packaging.

Timeline for Cannabis Packaging

Timeline can be a big factor in packaging projects. Some things can take much longer than expected – branding decisions, final proof approval, and obtaining materials, for example – but with this extended timeline for dispensaries opening, cannabis purveyors can use that time to finetune their approach.

Sunrise has worked with producers located in several of the other states with recreational marijuana is legal. We have the ability to share what works, what hasn’t, and other recommendations for packaging.

Watch for Emerging Rules and Regulations

As Minnesota government navigates new rules and regulations, producers will need to stay on top of when, where, and how legalization will be implemented. Future proof your packaging by following best practices and exercising a degree of malleability.

And, if your product line includes hemp-derived THC products, your market just opened to include liquor stores as well. Might be time to consider a brand refresh!