Press Kits For the People

press kits for Barbie

Press kits are a great way to get your organization out into the world. Providing information makes it easier for publications, news sources, and others to spotlight you, specifically, without the time that goes into a personalized interview.

Best of all? It’s all in your words.

Here are some tips from Shopify on not only how to write an amazing press kit, but also how to disperse it quickly and securely.

Modern Press Kits

Press kits used to be a disc or a USB drive, but are increasingly going digital. This format is easy to access but does come with some security concerns, so it’s ideal to create some guardrails around access.

For example, many companies might opt to host a collection of files on their website or on a file sharing site, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Some even just use a downloadable PDF.

Every press kit should include essential media assets. Make sure that any images, like your logo and product images, are in high resolution. Support your business claims with testimonials, fact sheets, case studies and more. Videos and media mentions can be linked for more impressions.

Securing Your Image

Since we can’t have anything nice online anymore, it’s important to limit access to your press kit as appropriate. There are a few ways to do this:

  • only provide information via discs or USB drives
  • create a custom key or link that limits access to those who can authenticate
  • use a third party authentication to log in, like using Google or another service, so you know who is looking at your materials.

All of these methods are used in varying degrees in different industries. Whatever method you choose, we recommend including some sort of take-away piece for your users to handle tangibly. It’s another way to reinforce your brand, while sharing the information with them discretely via USB drive or personal code/URL.

Bring us your thoughts and press kit, and we will deliver on a take away method for access. Talk to Sunrise today to learn more.