Premium THC Packaging

thc packaging

Designing premium THC packaging borrows elements from other industries. But not all aspects translate in the same way.

When you think of high-end products, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s jewelry. Watches. Perfume, liquor, a variety of liquids and perishables that utilize similar elements but to different ends. And THC packaging requires some new considerations as well.

What To Consider When Designing THC Packaging

Guidelines + Regulation Compliance

As more and more states navigate legalizing cannabis, varying degrees of regulation are coming forward. While it’s probably not 100% possible to future-proof your packaging, consult with content folks to determine what phrasing and other elements are evergreen.


Sustainable packaging is important in all faucets of packaging design. But for cannabis consumers, products are seen as environmentally friendly. And the packaging should reflect that.


As edible cannabis becomes more popular, the need for innovation in packaging is more important as well. Developing closure that can’t be opened easily by child hands, designs that aren’t meant to appeal to children, and other aspects are necessary with growing consumption.

Quality THC Packaging

Cannabis products aren’t new to the world, but new to the mainstream United States. Many people are in favor of the legalization, while others still oppose it. Adding a degree of elegance and respectability to the products, via their packaging and marketing, can play a large part in forming public perception. And also affect the customers who choose your product.

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