Tenets of Premium Retail Packaging

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It’s a common trope that retail shoppers typically take less than 10 seconds to decide whether or not to pick up an item. The decision process is quick, to say the least. And some stores do premium retail packaging better than others to ensure that customers put the product in their cart and not walk past.

Costco is one of the most effective stores at generating sales through their packaging and displays. Despite the warehouse style–which is hardly a premium shopping experience–people love the treasure hunt experience that is shopping at Costco. But it’s more than that. It’s a tactical retail strategy.

Premium Retail Packaging Tips from Costco

How does Costco design their stores for maximum shopping efficence? Here’s how Michael Carrier breaks it down:

  • Structural compliance: Costco pallets and supply chain are designed around delivery efficiency and basically remove the need for store shelves.
  • Shoppability: on the pallets, product is accessible from every angle. This ensures that wherever it lands in the store–end cap or under the steel–it’s entirely flexible.
  • Striking product presentation: products aren’t hidden behind others, and it’s always easy to access the important immediate information like price, quantity, etc.
  • Statements showing value: Costco proudly touts differentiation for their products and makes it clear how this product fits in the lives of their customers.
  • Sustainability: reducing waste, excess plastic and unrecyclable materials, and more are part of how Costco implements sustainabiity practices.

These structural aspects of Costco’s premium retail strategy translate into individual packaging in different ways. Whatever you want to try to implement, Sunrise Packaging can help.

The Retail Ten Second Rule

Retail packaging is more than box design. It’s thinking about how the entire display comes together. And in the case of Costco, how the pallet is stacked.

Bring that extra element of strategy to your retail products. Contact Sunrise today!