Packaging Options for Faith-based Literature

Packaging options for faith based literature

Packaging for a book might sound like a redundant prospect. But as we’ve learned over time, there are some types of literature that require a look into the different packaging options.

Books of faith, like the Bible in the Christian tradition, tend to be viewed as more than just books for obvious reasons. This gives them a bit of rarified air. They also tend to be printed differently, using unique paper and a spine production process that’s different from, say, the latest Colleen Hoover thriller. Faith-based literature generally needs another layer of protection. And that’s where we come in.

Books of Faith Packaging Options

Colleen Hoover books are made to be read. But books of faith are made to be absorbed. A reader may dogear pages. Return to passages. Highlight. Crease the spine. They’re going to perform any number of personalization on these kinds of books that most NYTimes bestsellers don’t see.

Which is why many books like this have an extra layer of protection around them. Some may simply be shrink-wrapped, but to truly maintain the integrity of the work, something a little sturdier should be considered.

Check out this recent collaboration with Scriptura. In this project, the end result is these SBS paperboard boxes. One of our most versatile packaging options, it’s a great option for a variety of projects. You can also look at our turned-edge gallery for even more ideas.

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