New to Us: Die Cut Folders

die cut folders

Creating new products is a fun aspect of packaging research and development. Usually, our new ideas (like most great ideas) are born out of necessity. We need to solve a problem; how do we find the solution? The most recent solution we’ve come up with are our die cut folders.

Available as a bi-fold or tri-fold flap, it’s the new and improved wallet packaging. Keep your brand in the pockets–and in the minds–of all your customers. Whatever you can dream up, we can help make it happen. Trust us when we say that customers truly love this particular style of packaging in every iteration.

Die Cut Folders at Sunrise Packaging

Die cut folders are a riff on our FlashPads. This style of packaging differs from the custom pad in that it is slimmer, without foam, and uses die cut process to create custom cavity to hold… Well, just about anything that we can fit. From custom chips for casinos to gift cards for realtor gifts and commemorative tokens, these die cut pads are one of our most versatile solutions.

This style of packaging is able to be 100% customized with your unique branding as well. The wrap is printed to exact specifications and some extra adornment is possible as well. Matte, shiny or soft touch finishing will truly put the finishing touches on this unique packaging. What kind of effect to you want to have on your customers, clients or coworkers?

When you’re ready to learn more, reach out to our team!