Modern Marketing for Boxes

Patterns, colors and more are current modern marketing trends.

Modern marketing can take a simple box and elevate it to something that looks, well modern. It’s elevated and relevant to users. It inspires a sense of interest and curiosity. And most importantly, when it’s done right, it generates a little buzz.

There are some elements of design that are timeless. Minimalism is impactful in its own way, and for some brands, it’s a go-to aesthetic. But in these post COVID times, there’s a definite swing toward the opposite of minimalist sensibilities. Some might still espouse a ‘less is more’ approach to design. But modern marketing is definitely trending toward ‘more is more.’

Elements & Trends of Modern Marketing

So how exactly does maximalism translate to packaging? Well, here are five things we see pop up more and more.

  1. Patterns
    Patterns are potentially the exact opposite of minimalism. And it’s clear that they practically beg for attention.
  2. Bold, bright, playful elements
    Like patterns, colorful elements are eye-catching on the same level.
  3. Stylized imagery vs literal representations
    A move from sterile depictions to more inspired representations is a new trend.
  4. Texture
    In the example, you can see how texture is used to elevate the boxes.
  5. Engage all the senses
    Texture to touch, patterns to see. Are there ways to engage more senses in your packaging?

Current Trends to Try in Packaging

Talk to our team to learn more about current marketing trends. Whether you’re looking for bright, tactile, or other elements, we can guide you toward the right elements to use.