Mini Merchandise Packaging Ideas

RE Mentor FlashPad Wallet and mini merchandise

Even though the focus for marketing seems to move more and more into a virtual space, the desire for (and the impact of) tangible promotional items and mini merchandise hasn’t gone away. In fact, studies show that it’s rising. Part of this is due to the nature of online marketing. Unless it’s incredibly noticeable, it’s ephemeral at best. “Banner blindness” is a term that emerged in the early 2010s to describe why people in research studies couldn’t recall any of the ads that framed the content they were looking at on a webpage. The spaces at the top, sides and even embedded into a page are expensive and not guaranteed to turn into clicks.

Mini merchandise is a great way to connect with consumers in person. is a natural fit for our FlashPads.

Branded Packaging for Mini Merchandise

What kinds of mini merchandise can fit in a FlashPad? Well… We can try just about anything!

Golf Marker Boxes

Custom Enamel Pin Packaging

Branded Ornament Packages

Unique Bottle Openers

Branded, Boxed & Ready to Go

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