Marketing Kitsch: When It Works

Franklin Home Loan Wallet is kitsch marketing

Every generation has memories of elements that were popular in the preceding decades. Look at the general sense of nostalgia for things popularized in the 90s, designed to appeal to millennials and some Gen Xers. For example, a few Christmases ago, my parents gifted me a ceramic Christmas tree that lit up, just like one my grandmother had that I loved when I was little. They were impossible to find outside of garage sales and online marketplaces. Flash forward to this holiday season, when I saw them everywhere, even mass-produced at Target. This is marketing kitsch.

Kitsch is a word with a few meanings, and none of them are very complimentary. Kitsch can mean gaudy, ostentatious, bad taste, or camp, but most of all, it is something that’s designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Things that were trendy run through the cycle of desirability until they wind up at the dollar store where no one wants them anymore.

Tap Into the Kitsch Marketing Aesthetic

But here’s the thing: it’s not a bad thing. And more and more brands are leaning into this kitsch aesthetic, particularly as Gen Z sees it as a kind of ironic statement. It’s so out, it’s in. Weird, right?

Our FlashPads are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this specifically anachronistic era. In the example to the side, you can see the delightfully-kitschy USB stick in the shape of the Christmas star.

FlashPads have a faster turnaround than many of our other styles of packaging. Also, they’re incredibly malleable. You can change up the materials, size, lamination, and more without drastically changing the production time. And the best part? They can hold any kind of kitschy giveaway you can fit inside.

Maybe it’s another garish flashdrive you want to pop inside, or a throwback to the 90s POGs style coin (or update it by a few years with a Pokemon card). Let your retro imagination take flight!

Trends Come and Trends Go

Investing in trends isn’t the ideal marketing strategy for everyone. But as far as we can see, the appetite for nostalgic items isn’t going anywhere fast. Dive into the kitschy end of the pool and have a little fun with your audience. You might be surprised by the reaction. And we can guarantee that the result is definitely always Instagrammable.

Talk to our team today about some of the possibilities!