Marketing Car Sales & Managing Inventory

Lincoln of Memphis Custom Key Fob Pad and marketing car sales

No auto dealership needs to hear from us that it’s important to keep moving the inventory on your lot to garner interest from consumers. Even with 95% of car sales made at dealerships, car salesmen need to be at the top of their game to sell leads on a decision that will likely impact their daily life. Dealers need to support their salesmen as much as possible to stay afloat. That support might include focused search engine optimization. Buying keywords, staying on top of Google’s SERP, and other digital endeavors are important to keep your dealership near the top of results. But even that’s just to get the customer into the door.

Getting Customers On the Floor & Out the Door

Once customers are in the dealership, the likelihood of them buying a vehicle increases. But it isn’t a done deal.

High-end vehicle sales can require a different set of initiatives than used cars, but still similar principles. Customers are usually sold on a lifestyle approach, and their expectations are high when they come into the dealership. That’s where our packaging options can help attract and keep a customer’s attention.

In this project with Lexus, we created packaging that leans on some of our tried-and-true luxury options. These gift boxes, used as part of a promotion, use linen paper and silver foil finishing. It’s a great-looking box. Not that we’re at all biased, of course.

Marketing Car Sales & Brand Experience

Unique offers, like the promo box, are great ways to get people into the dealership (and increase the likelihood of a sale). It’s one more way that the dealership can help support marketing car sales.

Whatever tactics you turn to to make sales, dealerships should support sales by making sure they have the materials they need. At Sunrise, we’ve seen dealerships have great success using our unique packaging solutions for not just promo boxes, but also key fob packaging and more.

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