Marketing 101: Brand Promos

Coldwell Banker Gate Fold Box for branding promos

It doesn’t matter how big or successful your company is: brand promos are a necessity at every level.

Brand promos, or brand promotions, are marketing certain aspects of your company’s brand. Values, mission, and personality promotion can help a potential customer understand more about your organization. And potentially sway them to become customers. If we’ve learned anything about customer behavior over the years, it’s that this deeper understanding of value alignment is a huge driver of sales.

Successful Branding Promos

Brand promotion is evident in any organization that is as well-known for its brand as they are for its products. When you think of Apple, what comes to mind? Certainly the iPhone and Macbooks, but also innovation. Vibrant. Dramatic.

When someone thinks of your company, what words do you think come to mind? Or, more importantly, what words do you WANT to come to mind?

Establishing a firm sense of self as an organization should be reflected in the packaging of your organization as well. From the HR binders to the employee recognition gifts and beyond, anything associated with your company should be considered an opportunity for brand promos.

Outside Opportunities for Brand Promos

In addition to creating a perception internally, consider how to project that perception outwardly. Look for opportunities for charity work or sponsorships that enhance your reputation. Local interactions can play a huge part in perception. Your social media presence is an avenue for huge amplification. And through it all, let Sunrise help you create the physical products necessary to support your brand promos.

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