Market Disruption: Specialty Medical Boxes

Allina Health Euro Scored Binder specialty medical boxes

“Disruption” is the term applied to any industry where major change is happening swiftly. It’s an upset to the status quo. And when it comes to highly-regulated industries, like healthcare, it’s important to understand what’s happening. The biggest news emerging now is the increase in retailers like Amazon, CVS, and Walgreens horning in on the primary medical care space. One way that some health systems are retaliating is by partnering with retail spaces. And this leading to an increase in specialty medical boxes.

Specialty medical boxes house materials with a retail-esque focus. It might be a physical product, or it might be–like the example below–a demo kit. Whatever is in these boxes, it’s a result of the changing demand in the healthcare scene. Consumers have more options than ever before. And they’re making their voices heard with where they take their business.

Creating Specialty Medical Boxes

Specialty medical boxes can help persuade patients to choose certain spaces over others in a few different ways. There’s the physical aspect of having products in your home for use versus having to visit a clinic or your primary doctor. If the pandemic brought one good thing to the table regarding medical devices, it’s the push to have them available 24/7 in-home.

Additionally, creating these kinds of specialty healthcare boxes is just a flat-out great opportunity for marketing. At Sunrise, we can craft upscale packaging designs to meet any branding and product specs. From printing to lamination to custom inserts to protect products, Sunrise is your one stop shop for specialty medical boxes.

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Patients are increasingly recognizing the power they have when it comes to major medical issues. If they don’t have to wait long, skip their yearly physical in favor of the random urgent care visit… Well, they just might do that. And even better if they’re able to get the service they need at home with a customized kit from a provider.

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