Magnetic "Magbox" Marketing for Organizations

Barbie Marketing MagBox as a branding solution

Magnetic marketing may be a hot term right now, but we’re seeing it as a reflection on our custom magbox style.

As Chron describes it:

… Magnetic marketing efforts, also known as attraction or sticky marketing efforts, don’t shout or push messages at potential customers. Instead, magnetic marketing “pulls” customers to your business like a magnet by using modern communication tools to provide them with engaging information they’re attracted to, actively searching for or value. The idea is that if you engage customers with content they value, they’re more likely to associate your business with memorable, positive experiences and remember you as an expert in your industry and a trusted resource. Those you’ve attracted are more likely to repeatedly shop at your business or provide positive reviews that attract others to it.


So you can see that magnetic marketing is focused on attracting customers without too much overt effort to do so. It’s innately irresistible. Like polarized magnets reaching for each other. It’s the perfect metaphor for our magbox, a custom magnetic packaging style.

Magnetic Marketing & the Magbox

At Sunrise Packaging, our magnetic boxes are designed to stick around for a long, long time.

Customers can utilize different options to make it truly unique. Take a look at the gate fold box, for example. Many request elements like foil stamping, custom spot UV printing, die-cut inserts, the options are limitless. And then, adding in the magnetic closure element adds in a truly elevated touch.

The magbox style’s versatility adds to its popularity. Our customers have used this style of box for sample kits, marketing activations, and more because its also a very sturdy and reliable type of packaging. We love seeing the different ways that our customers use this box!

Get Sticky

In our collaborations, Sunrise brings the technical and functional perspective, but can also help make recommendations leveraging our decades of experience in the industry. We can’t claim to be experts in sticky marketing. But we most definitely have some ideas on sticky packaging.

Bring us your questions and your ideas! Reach out to the team today.