Magnetic Kits for Usability & Perception

magnetic kits

Designing a physical sample kit for a company – regardless of industry and target audience – should create a positive public perception while being usable and functional. For some, there’s a perception that “usable” and “functional” mean boring or unattractive. In our experience, that’s not the case. Especially when customers take our advice to create magnetic kits for ease of use.

Why Magnetic Kits?

Magnetic kits are a style of packaging that use magnets for closure. It sounds simple (and it is), but employing magnets in packaging is a great hack for box usability. Depending on who your box is designed for, closures can be problematic. This is an increasing concern as the general population ages, which means a decrease in hand strength and dexterity. Magnets are easy to pop open, and also retain their integrity over time and use.

As a sample kit, kits with magnets are also better at protecting the products they hold. Whether your industry deals in solids, liquids, paper or plastic, sample kits using magnetic closure are typically more secure than other types of closure (while retaining that ease-of-use feature). And like we alluded to above – there’s a certain perception that comes with magnetic boxes. It immediately adds an air of distinction and sleekness to a box flap. It’s one of the most popular features in presentation packaging for a reason, after all.

Sample Kit Functions & Features

Keep Sunrise in mind when you need to uplevel your sample kits to magnetic boxes. We’ll be here.