Magnetic Boxes for the Beauty Industry

magnetic boxes

The health and beauty industry is a big market that’s only getting bigger. It’s increasingly important for companies to find ways to set themselves apart, not only by their brand but by their very presence on the shelf and in the hands of consumers. Working with Sunrise Packaging to design custom magnetic boxes is a great option.

Magnetic boxes are one of our most versatile styles of packaging. They can come in just about any size with any customization. And if your product needs custom foam inserts or dividers? Sunrise can make it happen. We’re a one-stop design, print, and manufacturing shop. This means that while we focus on the function of the packaging, you can focus on the design.

Case Study: Magnetic Boxes for Hair Color

We’ve had the pleasure of working L’Oreal and their Pulp Riot line of products in the past. They have a loyal and engaged customer base with a well-defined aesthetic in place. Which isn’t a must for a packaging project… But it definitely helps!

For this particular project, we used digital printing with matte lamination. Matte lamination can have an almost velvety texture to it, giving it a little more sensory experience. The inside of the magnetic boxes has a custom foam insert to hold the product.

This is a customer that knows what they want, but we’re more than able to introduce anyone to our creative process.

Conveying a Brand Promise

If you’re starting from square one with designing packaging for your health and beauty product (or embarking on a refresh), Design Rush has a great methodology. It really boils down to a pretty simple premise: your packaging should convey a brand promise and reinforce your brand identity. Making decisions within those guardrails will help you create something truly unique.

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