Magnet Boxes Make Ideal Sales Kits

magnet boxes

Sales kits are a unique type of project. On one hand, they need to truly embody your brand. That includes fonts, colors, and the overall aesthetic. But unlike some of the other artifacts that need to embody a brand–like a website, for example–a sales kit also needs to feel like your brand. In a literal, tactile sense. Magnet boxes tend to make great sales kits because they make a great impression literally and figuratively.

Advantages of Magnet Boxes

In the example, you can see a recent collaboration with Timber Trading.

At Sunrise Packaging, we’ve got no shortage of magnetic box styles. Magnet boxes are attractive to users for several reasons.

First, from a functional perspective, the secure closure can ensure that products inside won’t fall out and become damaged.

Second, magnets increase value perception. We unconsciously assume that things are more valuable when they’re heavier and when they work as we expect them to. With magnet boxes, the flap is always in the right place and there’s a little extra heft to it, too.

Sales Kits That Sell Products and Brands

The brand of an organization is just as important as the products it sells. And a sales kit should be the perfect bridge between those things. We’re confident that we have a packaging style to do it.

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