Made in Minnesota: Hockey Day Boxes

Bally Sports North Cozy Kit made in minnesota

If you’re new to Sunrise Packaging, you might not realize that we’re located in Minnesota. One of the northernmost states in the USA, we take pride in our reputation as the “frozen North.” Or sometimes known as the “bold North.” And one of our favorite ways to showcase our “made in Minnesota” status is by supporting local events.

Hockey Day Minnesota is out of in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It has been an officially recognized day since 2018, but the history goes back over 100 years. Today, it’s still marked by outdoor games and misty breath. But we’ve added a few creature comforts to the fun as well.

The Cozy Kit: Made in Minnesota

The Cozy Kit is an aptly named collection of items curated by Bally Sports North. The boxes can always be counted on to highlight some of the best–and most ingenious–Minnesota-focused products out there. As you can see, this year’s package included a s’more kit, can coozie/parka, MN Lottery chopper mittens, and more. And it’s all encapsulated in a perfectly-designed package.

We’re a little biased, of course, but we honestly believe this custom design truly pulls the Cozy Kit together. This is what turns it into more than the sum of its parts. With soft touch lamination and spot UV on the logo to make it shine, it’s a box that shows what it means to be made in Minnesota. Inside and out.

Local Minnesota Boxes at Sunrise Packaging

The Cozy Kit is far from the only custom project we create. Looking back through our archives and galleries, it seems like there isn’t an industry we haven’t touched. Our design process is seamless as we work with customers across the country. We look forward to showing off a little hometown pride in every product we create.

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