Luxury Marketing: Branded High End Boxes

COVID Testing Kit example of durable boxes of high end boxes

Luxury marketing techniques have shifted in the digital age. While badge brands like Gucci have name recognition, others have aspirational price points, and breaking into this tier of high end products doesn’t happen without a little work. But it is more achievable now that it was in ages past. And crafting unique high end boxes should be part of that strategy.

Luxury Market Case Study

Savvy marketers know that, whether what you’re selling is low-interest or high-end, people are more likely than anything else to share a compelling story about how something fits into their lives. 


In the article linked above from Forbes, Allen Adamson identifies a scalable strategy that any brand can adapt. Gucci collaborated with Ryan Gosling to create a series of ads, or more accurately, stories.

These stories showcased Gucci luggage and accessories as Ryan Gosling acted out adventures in various locales. And while the Gucci products were front and center, the ads were really selling a story. And the hero of the story is easily interchangeable with the person viewing the ad. Luxury marketing is showing people how something fits into their lives.

High end boxes contribute to the story-telling aspect of this strategy. Unique approaches in branded packages help tell stories. Especially when they’re easy to pop onto social channels.

High End Boxes For Your Brand

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