Is Packaging Part of Your Branding Solution?

Barbie Marketing MagBox as a branding solution

Walking down the aisle of a store, checking things off your list, when you’re confronted with the chance to try something new. Maybe the store is out of your normal product, or you want to try a different style or change it up. What persuades you to pick a new product? Maybe it’s the marketing, maybe it’s price. But the top factor that persuades people to pick up something new off the shelf? Well, it’s the packaging. Which is why box design should be a big part of your branding solution.

And it’s relevant in industries beyond retail. Sunrise Packaging has experience in helping customers match the right branding solution and the right box style, time and time again. Creativity and design count.

Creative Packaging = Branding Solution

Adding and investing in the right branding solutions can lead to big increases in your overall business:

Branding is all about reaching the desired exposure to the targeted audience while building a positive perception and a professional image about your business that triggers specific emotions encouraging potential customers to prefer your business over competitors.

Sendian Creations

In the example from Instagram, you can see how we partnered with Kirby, a luxury real estate group. This box is gifted to clients at closing, and it’s a perfect example of a branding solution that’s sure to drive business by referrals and more.

Specifically, this is a custom magnetic box. Digital printing and scuff-free lamination give it a little extra shine. But these are far from the only options and ideas we have. Our packaging and design engineers do great work in creating personalized solutions for our customers. When you’re ready to learn more, contact our team!