Inherent Surprises in Magnetic Packaging

Minnesota Vikings Gate Fold Box magnetic packaging

We’re of the opinion that the best boxes are usually gift boxes. And with magnetic packaging-especially our gate fold boxes–every time someone opens it, it feels like a gift.

The premise of the gate fold box is pretty clear from the name. It’s a turned-edge box with two hinged doors and a magnetic clasp to hold it together. The magnetic lock-like mechanism creates the perfect stage for an embossed logo or another branding highlight. These types of magnetic boxes can utilize just about every type of customization we offer. And the results truly speak for themselves.

Gate Fold Magnetic Packaging

Gate fold boxes are fairly versatile in how customers can utilize them. But they’re most effective where they can make an impact on the user. We often see this particular style of magnet box used for gifts or purchases that should feel like gifts.

For example, in the Instagram post to the side, this particular gatefold box is part of a welcome kit for new members of a high-end golf club. Sports organizations love using these styles of boxes for their season ticket holders.

But their usage isn’t just for luxury purchases. These boxes are great for keeping documents in place, such as at a real estate closing or during a marketing/sales presentation. Human Resources departments utilize them for onboarding new hires or conducting workshops as well.

More Than the Sum of its Parts

Magnetic packaging comes in a lot of styles, and the gate fold box is just one of many options our customers can explore. While it’s not the perfect packaging style for every project, it’s more than perfect for the right projects. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll help steer you in the right direction within your budget and timeframe.

Are you interested in how your organization could use gatefold boxes? Reach out to the team today!