Handmade Boxes From the Heartland

Coldwell Banker Luxury Real Estate Gate Fold Box handmade boxes

You don’t have to peruse Etsy to find handmade boxes at a reasonable price and within your desired timeframe. Sunrise Packaging, located in Blaine, Minnesota, creates handcrafted packaging that is durable and customizable. It’s also perfect for your business.

At Sunrise, we’re able to create unique packaging solutions with handmade items that truly elevate your project, and not detract from it. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Handmade Boxes, Not Homemade Boxes

When people hear “handmade,” it usually makes a few impressions:

  • expensive
  • rustic or unpolished
  • time-consuming

While quality does take time, at Sunrise, none of the above are particularly true.

Handmade elements depend on the type of features that you want with your packaging. In the example to the side, you can see this gate fold box with handmade elements but it retains the professional look and feel needed to elevate a business. This particular example was created to hold listing proposals and closing documents as part of a real estate marketing plan.

Like we said – it’s handmade, but not homemade.

Special Boxes for Special Events

Handmade boxes can be ordered for a variety of special events. From employee anniversaries to customer-focused milestones and more. At Sunrise, we love adding that extra touch to make your project that much more unique. Whether you’re looking for color foil stamps, unique closure solutions, or something you can’t quite articulate yet, let us know.

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