Employee Gift Boxes & Employee Retention

How do employee gift boxes figure into employee retention, you might be asking ? Well, we’re glad you asked. 

Chances are you’ve had some experience related to what’s being called “the great resignation.” A sign at a restaurant asking for patience due to short staffing, or an influx of ‘help wanted’ messages online. Everyone seems to be looking for help, and it’s no wonder. People have realized that life is too short for crappy jobs. They’re finding more fulfilling, higher paid work that meets the criteria of what they want. 

So where does that point toward employee gift boxes?

Well, let’s take a look at retention strategies to try in 2022.

Employee Gift Boxes & Other Strategies

Employee retention is about ensuring that your employees feel valued. It would be ridiculous to think that you can maintain 0% turnover. But as long as employees are satisfied, chances are they won’t look for new work too broadly. Here are some suggestions from Forbes: 

  • Invest in employees and their growth.
  • Encourage management to lead with soft skills.
  • Pay employees fair and competitive wages.
  • Prioritize health, wellness and balance.

Creating a package that attracts and retains employees shouldn’t be too formulaic, but these are elements that apply across industries. And we would encourage creating a literal package as well.

A Package Employees Can’t Resist

When you decide to honor and recognize your employees, do it with a custom gift box from Sunrise Packaging. Utilizing your organization’s branding and messaging enhances your standing and makes it even more memorable. Employees will be honored, and feel respected by the organization to whom their giving their time and energy. 

Keep your employees engaged. Contact us today to figure out a customized solution for your employee gifting needs.