Digital vs. Tactile: Wealth Firm Marketing Strategies

wealth firm marketing

Businesses that adapt to trends tend to survive. That doesn’t mean they have to jump on to every Tik Tok-esque dance or voiceover out there, but the ability – and willingness – to embrace advances in technology, modern marketing techniques, and other strategies does tend to have a positive effect. This is just as true in wealth firm marketing as it is anywhere else.

Wealth management as a whole is relatively conservative. The industry tends to be a little slower to embrace technological advancements for a few reasons. Security can be an issue, for example. Many organizations tend to wait a bit after new tech becomes available to test it and check for vulnerabilities. And another reason could be generational. Some more traditional investors are distrustful of technology and automation. Or they believe that it’s always best to meet face-to-face. And some investors–mostly younger, millennial investors–are implicitly distrustful of older, established firms due to their role in various financial crises.

Old Meets New: Wealth Firm Marketing

Luxe Digital recently published a report on luxury digital marketing that details more of these differences in ideals, approaches, and other elements in the persons whom they want to attract. The solutions that they share are insightful:

Build consumer trust by creating an authoritative and informative online presence through reliable content.

Establish an effective and appropriate means of collecting and analysing client data so that luxury services can be marketed more accurately.

Creating hybrid high-end services that combine the accessibility of online advisory services with the tailored service of traditional wealth management firms.

Luxe Digital

And it’s the blending or hybrid approach that is closely aligned with the strategy that we promote at Sunrise Packaging.

A strategy that combines high tech with personal touches is most advisable. Personal touches can vary, but from our perspective, creating unique customized packaging for wealth firm marketing is a great touchpoint. Custom packaging can take a lot of forms, obviously. In the example above, we created a magnetic box with foil stamping for maximum impact. It’s a power move in a package.

Appealing to your customer base is a moving target. As attitudes and wealth shift or grow in different segments, the wealth management industry has to move and shift with it. For up-and-coming prospects, that’s going to mean taking on new tech to create a kind of kinship. But at the end of the day, every customer enjoys receiving a custom package like a present.