Designing a New Student Orientation Kit

orientation kit

It can be hard to get things done in the university setting. With systems designed to elicit feedback from as many folks as possible, and decision-makers who want to build bridges and goodwill, some projects can take a long time to see through to completion. And when the topic is something as big as new student orientation? Consensus can feel impossible. That’s why when it comes to creating an orientation kit for incoming students, it’s important to remember the key function of this product.

How UX Can Inform Orientation Kit Creation

Everyone involved in creating a kit for new student orientation brings their best intentions to the table. But it can be hard to share the spotlight for some areas. It’s natural for everyone to feel that their department needs more representation, more visibility, and more of a presence.

To help keep the orientation kit manageable as well as accessible to users, consider their needs above everyone else’s. What does an incoming student need to know? It’s a question that most UX teams ask as they start to scope out a project.

One successful approach to doing this is creating an ideal timeline for a student. When do they need to know or do certain pieces of information? For example, when do they need to apply for scholarships or financial aid? When are various activities happening on campus? Use this information help prioritize your orientation kits.

What Does the User Need

There’s a time and place for everything at an orientation, but there’s limited room within a specific orientation kit. Consider which things a student might want to refer back to; what information can live on the website; and finally, what information is going to make them feel like a capable, excited member of campus.

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