Cosmetic Launch Kit Tips

T-Mobile Slip Box and cosmetic launch kit

Launching a new cosmetic collection or kit has changed dramatically over the past decade. Once the Kylie Jenner lip kit emerged in 2015 (and sold out in under a minute, according to the rumors), the game changed. Designing a cosmetic launch kit now comes with big expectations from consumers. You don’t have to be a celebrity or need a celebrity’s endorsement (well, if we’re being honest, it doesn’t hurt). You don’t need to manipulate inventory to create a frenzy.

But you do need a solid packaging solution. And that’s what Sunrise is here to provide.

Creating a Cosmetic Launch Kit

Putting together a launch kit is more than just coming up with an amusing name. Cosmetics need to meet certain regulatory standards, and need some level of security and protection to keep the product intact. Additionally, the packaging needs to be evocative and enticing.

It sounds esoteric, right? But it’s possible.

Presentation packaging utilizes different methods to evoke different things. In the example to the side, the spot UV print and soft touch lamination, combined with hot pink color palette, are impossible to ignore. It shouts from the shelf, the mailing box, or however it lands in the customer’s hands. It’s something that refuses to be ignored – and that speaks to a certain clientele.

We’re Ready to Help

Focus on crafting your product and we’ll focus on crafting ours. Collaborating on a cosmetic launch kit with Sunrise is a seamless experience for many of our customers. Come to us with an idea, a product, and and a target audience, and we’ll help you define the specifications.

When you’re ready to put your best foot forward, contact our team!