Contractor Marketing

contractor marketing

As a contractor, your main focus is probably on what’s in front of you. Literally. The progress of our current projects, the satisfaction of your customers, and the pipeline of incoming work deserve your time and energy. But so do the initiatives you’re working on in your contractor marketing plan.

What’s that? You don’t have a plan in place for marketing? Don’t worry, you’re not the first organization to come to us without a strong contractor marketing plan. For a lot of organizations, they might have a brand and a Facebook page. Maybe an email list and Google Business Profile. But a plan to leverage these various initiatives strategically? Sometimes, it’s hard to know what we don’t know. And we know you know construction and project management, so let us help you with the rest.

Contractor Marketing Tips

Web FX has a great list of starting points for any contractor marketing plan. One of the best things about the list they’ve created is that each of these items leverages something else. The top recommendation, for example, is to have a current, modern website. This helps with Google rankings, creates positive first impressions, and helps streamline marketing as a whole.

Digital marketing, though, is just one pillar of a well rounded marketing strategy.

You’re a tangible business, so having tangible marketing materials makes sense. Whether you’re leaving behind sample kits, project examples, cost sheets, whatever it might be – make sure you’re doing it in a branded box or folder.

Branded Boxes from Sunrise Packaging

The leave-behind is an old time marketing technique, but it’s lasted for a good reason: it works. Working with our designers and technicians to create a style of packaging that is unique to your company will garner attention and leads. We can’t promise much more than that, but we trust that you know how to deliver after that!

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