CBD Products Best Practices

Kaiser Day Cannaceuticals Packaging for CBD products

CBD products, or Cannabidiol, has been legal in Minnesota for much longer than the recent recreational cannabis news in Minnesota. As a result, there is a large variety of products for users to choose from. Boxes for CBD products are one of Sunrise Packaging’s newer markets to start work in. What started as something of a niche project has gained traction, and we’ve built up quite a portfolio of packaging for products related to CBD, THC and more.

With no sign of demand slowing for CBD, even with the legalization of cannabis in Minnesota, we’re ready to help highlight your products using the expertise we’ve gained in recent years.

Packaging and Marketing CBD Products

The popularity of cannabidiol products has increased not only with the legalization of related products but also as the health benefits have become more evident. Technically, there are two kinds of CBD –

  • hemp, containing less than 0.3% of THC in general
  • marijuana, which has more than 0.3% of THC in general

– but with the 2023 legalization in Minnesota, that difference becomes more about the effects that users desire.

Understanding the user’s desire for a product is a key part of choosing what kind of packaging makes the most sense. For example, if your product is geared toward helping people with severe muscle spasms, or arthritis, choosing a box that is easy to open might be important.

CBD product boxes should also take into account other aspects of the user experience. When it comes to choosing typefaces, colors, and more for the packaging branding, following accessibility guidelines for visibility can help customers. How can someone choose your product over another if they can’t see the packaging content?

Talk with our team to learn more about the best practices we’ve picked up for creating packaging for CBD products.