Branded Beauty Packaging Design

Branded beauty packaging is a fun industry with whom we enjoy working. Ok, to be honest, we really enjoy all industries with whom we work. But health and beauty packaging tends to stretch our creativity a little bit more. Brands know that they need to appeal to a niche customer base (Real Simple does a great job breaking that down). And this is a base that takes design and looks very seriously. 


Branded Beauty Packaging: Creative Colure

When we talk about packaging design with the health and beauty industry, it’s about creating something beautiful inside and out. The unboxing experience is just as important as the outside of the box.  This is something we could understand immediately with Creative Colure. In their own words, 

Creative Colure is an all-in-one cosmetic box designed with convenience in mind for those who are short on time but are looking for a top notch face beat.

We worked with them to create a custom flocked foam insert to meet their needs.  And the outside of the packaging is digitally printed, ensuring a vivid first impression, with matte finishing for a soft, decadent feel.

Beautiful Packaging, Inside and Out

When a customer can honestly say that your products are beautiful from all angles, it’s a great compliment. But it’s just expected in the health and beauty packaging world.  

Leverage our decades of experience in this field. We love to learn more about products and design needs, and exercise our mind muscles to create the perfect branded beauty packaging for your products. Contact Sunrise Packaging today!