Board Game Development

board game development and packaging ideas

Some industries have benefitted from the increased time at home families saw over the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those industries was the board game industry. People ordered board games in droves, and while the demand may have slowed a bit now, there is definitely a Renaissance of board games happening. Board game development has even become something of a hobby for people as well.

If you think you might have a monopoly on the next Monopoly, Sunrise Packaging can help bring your game to the masses. But first, let’s run through a checklist to see if you’ve fleshed out your idea enough.

Steps in Board Game Development

  1. Flesh out the concept
    What is the driving theme of the game? And what’s the goal? Take the time to decide on game mechanics early on to help inform later decisions.
  2. Prototype and iterate
    Once you think you’ve gotten the concept nailed down, create a prototype. This might be squares on a legal pad or something with higher fidelity. But the idea is to really test out the concept and poke holes into it.
  3. Test it out
    Start playing wtih a wider group of people and finalize the rule book.
  4. Design and manufacture
    This is where Sunrise comes in. We can help with the specs and some other aspects of board game design. In the example, we helped to create the 4-panel gameboard as well as the box holding it.

Ready. Set. Go!

We love to see new products entering the market. Especially ones designed to bring joy to folks. Bring your gaming concepts to Sunrise, and we can help print up the pieces you need to succeed.

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