Athletic Promo Kits

Fox Sports North Cozy Kit athletic promo boxes

While the trees aren’t changing colors yet, fall is on the way. And with fall comes school, football, and the kick off to a whole new year of youth athletic sports. Here in Minnesota, we’re not a stranger to large sporting events. From hosting the Superbowl to the USA Cup, we’ve seen a lot of various marketing activations in the works. At this point, we can definitely say this: athletic promo kits, for any kind of athletic marketing, is a key element that often gets missed.

Tips to an Effective Athletic Promo

Here’s a little secret we’ve learned from working on large and small scale athletic promo projects: being effective isn’t about how much money you spend. It’s not even about supporting the most popular team, even. It comes down to creativity, tapping into the collective conscience, and that sticky factor. You know, the element that keeps it fresh in people’s minds. Think of corn kid. How does a kid talking about corn become a major social influencer overnight? People dug it.

Obviously, striking gold in the age of influencer marketing is a whole ‘nother topic. And if anyone had a blueprint for how to achieve success, it wouldn’t be as rare as it is. Luckily, though, athletic promo efforts can be slightly more straightforward. Here are seven tips from MasterClass:

  • Define your audience
  • Lean on the loyalty of your fans
  • Offer athletic promo opportunities
  • Reach out to individual athletes
  • Look for sponsorships
  • Strategize around major events
  • Use social media

Naturally, we push the athletic promo opportunity tip the hardest. Creating a custom packaging solution that fans can take home, post videos or photos, and share with others is always a home run.

Designing Takeaways

Athletic promos are great projects that truly exercise our creativity and test preconceived notions. Bring us your ideas for a promo for a sports event, a team, or even just a sport itself. We’ll be sure to bring our A game! Contact Sunrise Packaging today.