For use of social media in a B2B environment, the time is now! A recent survey showed that 73% of B2B social media users have less than two years of experience. The popularity of the medium has been growing rapidly in the past year causing many marketers to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now it’s a question of engaging yourself into the social networks and becoming familiar with what’s out there and how people are using them.

As more businesses continue to pay attention to social media and develop strategies, it’s a very opportune time for existing social networkers to sharpen their skills and stay ahead of the competition. More and more information is surfacing about the positive impact social media is having on business. B2B companies seem to have an advantage when using social media because they tend to focus on goals and results, such as lead generation, that visibly affect their bottom line. Social networking also improves communication between customers, prospects, and suppliers.

In North America, here are the percentages of B2B Marketers that currently are using different types of social media:

LinkedIn- 75%
SEO Tools-
Google Adwords-
Blogging Software-

Now remember, 73% of these users have less than two years experience with these social networks. Dive in!

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