USB flash drives come in a variety of sizes, shapes, capacities, and designs. What used to be a simple and small data storage device, is now a something that not only stores information but also reflects an individual’s personality. There is no reason that flash drives have to be boring. Innovative and creative designs for flash drives help to bring a little touch of fun and spirit to these small device. Check out these new USB flash drives that have morphed from a device into an accessory.

One of the newest flash drive designs is airliner tail fins that come painted with your favorite airline logos. These tail fins can give your computer wings!

Another new flash drive design has powers all its own. The newest character from USB flash drive designer Mimoco, was designed in honor of Batman’s 75th anniversary. The design was inspired by Batman’s original appearance from the 1939 comics.

If I told you there was a rechargeable battery that recharges via USB that is also a flash drive would you believe me? Well its true! The new AA USB is here and is literally an AA battery form factor flash drive which is also a rechargeable AA battery. They have a removable adapter cap which allows it to be used in place of standard AA batteries and when the cap is removed, it can be plugged into an USB port to recharge.

Who new a USB flash drive could be functional and luxurious. A new luxurious pebble shaped, silver plated USB flash drive has been designed and hand-crafted in France to add a designer feel to technology. The pebble shape allows for easy portability, while the design introduces elegance.

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