For many of our clients, custom packaging solutions need to offer more than simply a home to their products. By utilizing die-cut foam in various boxes and other turned edge products, we offer product protection as well as professional display. Foams available in various colors and thicknesses, our clients have a wide selection to choose from that will compliment their product line or marketing campaign. At Sunrise Packaging, we came up with a packaging solution made specifically to hold a USB flash drive and give it a little extra weight- both literally and figuratively. With that in mind, we came up with the Flashpad, a hardcover flat with die-cut foam adhered to the interior. The piece serves as a book like product that holds a custom flash drive with pre-loaded data, or whatever the client decides. We found that there is a demand for this product, but not just for USB drives. Die-cut foam can be customized to any shape or size product, so we urge you- take a look at a few of these applications and see how foam adds value to the simplest of packaging solutions.


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