When working with flash drives, there are a lot of ways to customize the flash drive with your companies brand or make them your own, and these drives are no exception. Here are 5 crazy USB drives that we found while surfing the net.

Budweiser Beer-filled drive

With the popularity of flash drives on the rise, Budweiser couldn’t help but resist in creating their own promotional, customized USB device. Each promotional flash drive comes complete with a tiny drive filled with beer and white foam to cap it off. And although the amount of beer inside the drive probably isn’t enough to ensure a good time, it’s still a unique idea.

Swiss Army Knife drive

Victorinox recently unveiled a Swiss Army knife with a USB flash drive that holds up to 1 terabyte of data. USB knives have been in the companies line of products for a while, but this new and improved project  comes with new and improved features: it connects to eSATA II/III as well as USB 2.0/3.0 with a single connector, it has a monochrome graphic display showing what’s on the drive and it supports 256 AES encryption. Data transfer speeds are 220 MB/s for reading and 150 MB/s for writing data, and the available capacities range from 64 GB to a whopping 1 TB.

In classic fashion, the knife also includes a blade, scissors, nail file that includes a screwdriver tip and a LED/laser pointer. If you are a frequent traveler, no need to worry, the drive can be interchanged to be flight-friendly and can come without the sharp, pointy stuff.

Sushi Roll drive

What’s better than sushi? Better yet, what’s better than a USB drive shaped like sushi? If you love sushi, you’ll be sure to love these sushi themed drives

Teddy Bear drive

Normally when we picture a teddy bear, we think about its cuteness, but this teddy bear drive features what looks like a decapitated teddy bear as the device to store all of your data on.  It almost looks as though its head got jammed into the USB port.

This website even gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own teddy bear USB drive. Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive (USBear?)

Thumb drive

It’s a little creepy how realistic these look, and some of these even include fingerprints!

Check out this bizarre story about a guy who has a prosthetic finger made out of a flash drive — Computer programmer from Finland has lost finger replaced with USB drive


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