What is the Custom Thermoforming Process?

The thermoforming process is one of the oldest manufacturing processes in the world. While the process has matured over the years, it still begins with a variety of plastic materials being heated to a malleable texture and pressed over a custom-shaped mold. This process creates a cavity for holding everything from retail products to medical devices.


Various gauges of plastic are used in the thermoforming process. The gauge is the thickness of the plastic. The thickness of the plastic changes when heated, so it is important to understand the the properties of each material. Besides gauges, different materials are chosen depending on use. All plastics come with their individual pros and cons. Resistance to environmental elements, strength, and post-consumer recyclability must be taken into account. Our packaging experts will be able to guide you in the best plastic choice for your solution.


Many packaging solutions created by the thermoforming process are standard to the industry, but can also be created to fit personal specifications–i.e. added plastic straps or a certain shaped cavity for custom friction-fitting. The ability to so precisely fit any object makes the thermoforming process a celebrated component to not only retail and medical markets, but also for keeping manufacturing facilities organized.


Sunrise Packaging provides thermoformed clamshells, blister packs, trays. These can be standard retail ready packaging or custom tooling can create a unique mold for your product. Since Sunrise also creates upscale packaging like custom boxes, binders, and flash drive packaging, thermoformed plastic products can be combined with these other projects for a unique, new product. This means that the durable plastic packaging created by the thermoforming process–an asset to businesses and industries worldwide–can also be added to presentation materials, press kits, sample binders, custom pads, and any other packaging solution we produce. Imagine the impression you can make at your next boardroom meeting or tradeshow.


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