Thermoforming is among the oldest of plastic shaping techniques, and vacuum forming is an integral part of the process. This time-honored heat application technique ensures an even form and durable product. Most of the plastic products seen in retail as well as in our homes are produced using this technique.


Vacuum Forming: A Simple Solution

Vacuum forming has been referred to as a “simplified” version of thermoforming, but is just as integral to the industry. The chosen plastic material is heated to its forming temperature. When pliable, the plastic is then stretched to fit onto the single-surface mold. Once there, the material is held in place via air suction from a vacuum, forcing it vacuumforming1-300x250to take its intended shape. This process creates even, uniform plastic packaging products that can be cut, punched, or drilled. Vacuum forming is the cornerstone of forming, setting a standard of consistency and quality for custom thermoformed packaging.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming offers several advantages over other forming processes. Lower forming pressures mean a comparatively low tooling cost. Additionally because of these low pressures, the molds themselves can be made of less costly materials. Even the mold fabrication time may be shortened by using vacuum forming, meaning faster turnaround on your packaging solution. Prototypes of large parts, low-quantity requirements, and medium size runs are the most economical. The materials themselves can reduce the price, but have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the product. Common plastics shaped using the vacuum forming technique include polystyrene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, acrylic, and the popular, economical plastic styrene.

Quality and  Quantity

With so many variables depending on the product use, it is important to contact one of our packaging experts at Sunrise Packaging. Our particular vacuum forming technique saves mold fabrication time and production costs. Using this technique, we create affordable plastic molding with a variety of materials and customization options. We provide affordable vacuum formed plastic products without sacrificing quality.