There are some things I just don’t understand. Take the new USB Typewriter for example. After spending around $500 for the hottest tech device in the world- the iPad, you can add a touch of ancient customization for $400-500. But why?

The USB Typewriter is just like it sounds. A portable typewriter that plugs into your USB drive to give your word processing the look and feel of obsolescence- not to mention your fancy new devices. Note: the typewriter can be used with any PC or Mac as well. Made by a fellow named Jack Zylkin, you can buy the USB Typewriter pre-made, in a kit, or send him your own typewriter and he’ll customize it.

I sort of understand the charm but isn’t the point of having an iPad or a laptop for convenience? This does not seem very pleasant to have to haul around. Plus, how many words can you type a minute on a typewriter? Isn’t that partly why they’re obsolete? I understand novelties in life, but the price of this doodad threw me for a loop. Somebody tell me what I’m missing.

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