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Customized USB Drives & Flash Drives

Stylish flash drives personalized with your name and logo make a memorable promotional giveaway. Loaded with mp3s, high-definition images, PDF documentslinks, and software demos , a USB drive turns from simple data storage to a digital press kit.

Effectively present your organization with vivid, interactive media. Provide supplemental material with vibrant video instead of daunting text. Digitally include more art in your portfolio, more photos in your proofs folder. When the flash drive has served its purpose, it leaves your potential client with a valuable gift—and a daily reminder of your organization.  

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Multicolored_Swivel_Drives_for_Promotional_MarketingAdditional Options and Features:

  • Data Preloading | 256MB Included
  • Non-Delete | Information Stays on Flash Drive
  • Auto-run | Flash Drive Automatically Detected
  • Logo-Icon | Logo Appears When Drive is Connected
  • Full-Color Logo | One or More Sides





The FlashPad™ | Custom USB Flash Drive Packaging

As a custom packaging manufacturer, Sunrise Packaging has taken our luxury technique to the next level, creating high-end USB flash drive packaging. Our exclusive FlashPad™ is a turned edge hybrid of box and book, capable of presenting and storing a wide variety of flash drives, thumb drives, and jumpdrives. With plenty of room to add your logo and graphics, the FlashPad offers heightened exposure at trade shows and expos, or replace a wedding photo proofs binder with a modern, digital collection fit inside a charming mini book.


Time-Saving In-House Options


  1. Choose Your Flash Drives
  2. Customize with Screen- or Digital-Printing
  3. Submit Your Data for Preloading
  4. We Replicate Your Personalized Drives
  5. Choose From Optional Custom Packaging
  6. Let Us Help with Distribution and Mailers


welcome kit from the University of Nebraska

Unique USB Packaging Solutions

Let us create something entirely new to package your personalized USB drive. Our specialty has always been working with our clients to design a unique presentation piece crafted specifically for your product or business. Need a two piece USB box with soft touch lamination? Or a binder fit with custom flash drives? Let Sunrise Packaging turn a simple USB drive into a product launch kit your clients will never forget.  |  Visit



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