The most common problem associated with the iPad and the iPhone is that those devices lack a USB drive. Well iPad and iPhone users worry no more. There is finally a way to wirelessly save and share documents upon many other capabilities with the new AirStash, the first USB drive for iPad and iPhone. Wearable Inc. developed this USB drive and has filled the void of not being able to store and transfer data. This device has storage capacity of 32GB, which allows users to easily store and stream movies, photos, music, eBooks, and documents. AirStash also offers the ability of convenience with its easy to use capabilities and its easy to transport pocket size. This new device generates its own WPA2-secured 802.11g network, meaning it doesn’t need to piggyback on an existing Wi-Fi setup. The AirStash is expected to ship soon after its demonstration and orders are being taken online. The cost for this USB drive is $100 and a free firmware update is due in the first quarter of this year.

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